The concert model exists in two versions: Traditional and Modern. The first one has a Spruce soundboard, clearly inspired by A. de Torres’ guitars. The second, with Spruce or Cedar top, has a bracing and sports a more modern structure.

The contemporary guitar is an instrument born out of the collaboration with guitarists playing a non- strictly classical repertoire. They are used to playing different types of guitars with modern techniques.

FSC certified guitar. This is a eco-friendly instrument. The first artisan guitar made only with 100% FSC certified wood. It is currently displayed in Gianni Cantarutti’s Xylotheque in San Giovanni al Natisone (UD).

Marco Lorenzon Luthier

I make custom classical guitars

I love classical guitars and string instruments and I love working as a craftsman using natural materials.

I started my career as guitar luthier in 2011 and since then I have been working mostly with classical guitars. Over time I honed my skills thanks to the help of the other luthiers I met during the various seminars I attended but also to my personal experimentations.

In the past I worked as a naval carpenter and that allowed me to get a deeper knowledge of wood. I also studied the methods for macrocospic wood identification.

In 2015 I met wood expert Gianni Cantarutti and his organization Culturalegno, which oversaw programs about wood popularization and environment sustainability. The association rounded up people who loved wood and all the artisan businesses connected to it. Between 2017 and 2018 – framed by the project Sounds from FSC certified forest wood, supported by Culturalegno – I made the first classical guitar which obtained a FSC certification. To make this guitar I only used wood coming from eco-friendly forests.Nowadays I am making classical guitars in my workshop in Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO), choosing the best wood both from an acoustic and a sustainable point of view.

Wood and luthiery

Making a Classical Guitar

Raw Material
the basic element
The wood used in guitar-making is a special material. It is a fabric made by the laws of life and by the intelligence pervading all living creature, creating unique and refined structures.
Luthier Marco Lorenzon
Gradisca d'Isonzo - Gorizia (Italy)
A luthier knowingly picks the right wood for the instrument. This wood needs to have all the right structural, acoustic and esthetic features to match the kind of guitar the luthier wants to make.
Need a Study Guitar?
The price of my guitars
I seek the best quality for every instrument I make. For those who need a guitar for an affordable price I offer different low cost solutions. If you are a music student, you will benefit from student discount.
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Videos of custom-made classical guitars

lutherie instruments built by Marco lorenzon

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