Certified FSC Guitar

Eco-Friendly Classical Guitar

This is the first artisan guitar which received the FSC certification. The idea of making an eco-friendly guitar came – almost as a challenge –from my friend Gianni Cantarutti. He is a wood-expert and works for the Culturalegno organization.<br /> In the world of guitar making, luthiers often use wood coming from rare or endangered species, such as ebony or rosewood. With this guitar we wanted to send a message: we wanted to show that it is possible to make high-quality instruments without damaging the environment, using wood from sustainably-managed forests. This guitar now belongs to Gianni Cantarutti’s Xylotheqe in San Giovanni al Natisone (Ud).
an Eco-Friendly Guitar
to respect the Earth

The shape and project of this classical guitar are based on the typical Spanish instrument born in the second half of the nineteenth century from the work of A. de Torres.

The bracing of the soundboard follows the characteristic fan pattern. The scale is 650mm and for varnishing I used only shellac and natural resins (french polish). However, this instrument also has some different features such as reinforced sides and dovetail neck joint.

The seven woods used:

  • soundboard: Spruce
  • back and sides: Ovangkol
  • bridge and fingerboard: Santos rosewood
  • neck ad bindings: Mahogany
  • details and decorations: two types of Oak and Birch

FSC Certified Guitar

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